An attempt to discover the story behind an iconic photograph celebrated in magical circles.
How the sounds of a word determine its impact and insult.

December 2022

The words and ideas that stood out to me in 2022.
How these horse-riding, weapon-wielding nomads won the hearts of ancient artists, and what modern science is revealing about their skills and status.
Learning about two of the world’s earliest creation stories and the amusing part our favourite alcoholic beverage plays in one of them.

November 2022

A pair of stories about irregularities in the species classification record.
The evidence of the real-life inspiration for Dracula’s English home, Carfax.

October 2022

Louvain Rees explains what her job is all about and shares some of her favourite discoveries.
The fact and the fiction behind a spooky museum specimen.
A short story written in 1921 by Edward Heron-Allen – a polymath who practised law and palmistry and was an expert on violins and Persian literature …

September 2022

One man’s failure was another man’s fortune.
How contemporary creators – and campaigners of the past – have turned insult into inspiration.